Disaster Can Strike at Any Time. No One is Immune.

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    Congratulations for taking the initiative to improve your preparedness and the safety of your loved ones. Each self assessment module explores your preparedness in 3 areas:

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    Get out and stay out of buildings damaged in an earthquake.
    Never take hazardous chemicals
    out of their original containers. A young child may not be able to
    tell that it is a dangerous substance.
    Adults are responsible for
    the preparation and training of
    the family in order to deal with
    emergency situations.
    Each year, fire kills more
    Americans than all natural
    disasters combined.
    Residences without alarms are two to three times more likely to be burglarized.
    Terrorist’s view Military and Government facilities, as well as airports and other public places as “High-Value” targets.
    Arson, open flame, and
    heating were the leading
    causes of fires resulting
    in child fire deaths in 2002.
    According to the Department of Justice, burglars often know their victims and have some knowledge
    of their daily lives.
    If you encounter a suspicious package, notify authorities immediately, keep others away and make a note of people who were in the vicinity when the package was identified.