Family Consulting

    Outcome recognizes that some families have emergency preparedness considerations that are highly complex and need the direct involvement of a professional security consultant.  In order to satisfy special requirements, Outcome is able to leverage its’ relationship with industry leading security consultant, Direct Measures International (DMI).


    DMI, has almost 20 years of experience providing security and sustainability training, risk assessment and protective services.  Utilizing Outcome Logic’s proprietary software (SAFE and CORE) DMI is able to provide customized risk auditing and emergency planning services unparalleled in the industry. DMI’s consultants are specially trained and certified in the use of the software tools as well as physical and operational aspects.


    The relationship between DMI and Outcome Logic is both unique and exclusive.   In 2009, DMI spun-off its software division into a separate company; Outcome Logic, Inc.  The 2 companies share the same philosophies and commitments of improving public, private, and community preparedness, resiliency and security.


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